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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Sunday, September 21, 2003


As a Citizen and fighter for Democracy, I resist, resent and even despise it when politics becomes a matter of pitting personalities against personalities. Yet in today’s Alberta we no longer elect representatives who search out accurate information and bring it to bear on issues like educating our children and caring for the sick and the elderly. Government today is dominated and controlled by a very small group of men and women who “forsaking all others” have committed to cleaving only unto Ralph Klein until death do them part.

These are the men and women who earlier got themselves voted into power as members of “Ralph’s Team.” Later others got themselves voted into the Legislature by claiming that, once inside Ralph’s party, they would have “Ralph’s Ear”. Most recently, claiming to give Edmonton a voice in the inner circles of government, still others managed to get voted into a majority seat. So well did Ralph’s disciples do in the last election that, as Rudyard Kipling put it in a poem about the British Empire, Klein became “..drunk with sight of power” and “loosed wild tongues” as he boasted “Welcome to Ralph’s World.”

Distasteful as it is to me, then, I see no other way to express concern for Democracy than to join with others to expose the pretense, the deceitfulness the manipulativeness, the vindictiveness and the downright inhumanity that characterizes this present Alberta Government.

The latest example of Ralph's’ “wild tongue” is of course his plunge into the manure of the mad cow controversy. But far more serious is the way he has for years been able to sell the unthinking public in Alberta on the idea that he’s keeping his promise to have smaller government. What, in fact, has happened is that the power of government has been pulled away from the citizens and into the hands of an extremely small but information-manipulating, money-controlling handful of Klein-appointed deputies. In no area is that more clear than in Education where Boards have been emasculated and Municipalities are impotent to do anything other than that dictated by a Klein appointed and approved agent named Oberg. Only when and if the people of this province begin to stand up and take back control of their own government will there be anything but a phony pretense at Democracy in our Province.

Sadly what we really have now is a deceptocracy not a democracy.

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