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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Sunday, September 28, 2003


A few months ago a federal poobah, and later a CANDU representative, suggested that the Ft. McMurray area should be considered as a site for a nuclear reactor. Some or all of the power generated could then be used in the processing of the tar sands with a resulting decrease of consumption of the natural gas currently being used for this purpose.

Ah - NO ! replied an Alberta MLA (Murray Smith?). Not in our backyard. Such a reactor, he stated, might be considered if it was located in some unimportant place - say northern Saskatchewan.

This writer has mixed feelings about a CANDU plant, especially with the problems of disposing of spent fuel rods. But, the potential reduction of the amount of natural gas being used is a big plus.

SO - why is there a proposal to build power lines from Ft. McMuray to the south of Alberta and from there see some (most) of the transmitted power exported to the USA ? As the writer understands the proposal, our free-enterprise government, through the utilities board, will allow this line to be built and , surprise, we Albertans will be on the hook to supply the financing.

The obvious question is why could not this excess electricity be used at the oil sand plants so as to cut down on the use of non-renewable natural gas ? Is it technically non-feasible ? Is this excess electricity produced as a by-product from the combustion of natural gas ? Whatever the reason/excuse, it seems that there should be some way to use this power to reduce, if not eliminate, the consumption of natural gas at the plants.

But, as we have become to expect, our Kleinites are just too happy to export anything and have their friends and supporters make the big bucks. All this with little apparent benefit to Mike and Nora Citizen except for the privelege of subsidizing this “free market” enterprise.

Whoopee - the Alberta Advantage keeps raising its sly little head.

Yours in indignation - Jackie Kenny

p.s. Where is Steve West and what is he doing ??

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