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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Monday, November 10, 2003


Did the S.U.N. go down Nov. 10/03?

No identifiable portion of Albert citizens has been more put down and demeaned by the Klein government than “Seniors.” I’m sure the vast majority of them, like myself, have the values and lessons of the Great Depression and the Second World War imprinted like a brand on their very souls. Yet we who have more to gain by standing up together and shouting “we’re fed up and aren’t going to take in anymore” have, until very recently, let ourselves be talked down to and bullied into silence.

As one of you I couldn’t have been more encouraged and hopeful the morning it was reported that so many of us got together at the Lion’s (what better symbol of strength) Centre and laid our discontent on the line. I wasn’t there but my first thought was “well at last we old duffers are getting up off our political butts and doing something constructive.”

Today, one day before Remembrance Day, I couldn’t be more saddened, discouraged and disappointed in any group of citizens. Three weeks ago I wasn’t there because I didn’t know about the meeting. Today I wasn’t there because I have no desire to join a bunch of silly old duffers who are more interested in playing politics with each other than they are in making their common needs known to the most uncaring politicized outfit ever to hold power in the Province of Alberta.

Fellow Seniors don’t you recall the essence of our survival during the Great Depression? It wasn’t the rugged self-centered stand-alone stupid independence that Ralph Klein talks about but has no real understanding of. He wasn’t there. No we stood together and confronted the issues of the day and tossed out governments that had lost touch with us.

And what about the Wars that we all believed were to make the world safe for Democracy? Thousands of our families were wounded and bled to death for that chance to be counted as citizens! Are we now more ready to fight each other than the people in government who undercut and destroy the very Democracy we came out of those wars determined to cherish and fight for at home after the shooting ceased?

I’ve never felt more sadness for the people of Alberta than today as I see and hear of fellow citizens of my age attacking each other rather than standing together in the cause of decency and fair play. And somehow the sorrow is even deeper when it reflects on those who might be expected to have the wisdom of age.

Submitted by Sandy

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