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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Thursday, November 20, 2003

It's not as simple as that 

Premier Klein is quoted in Thursday’s Edmonton Journal as saying, “We don’t tell the feds how to run the Canadian army, right? We don’t tell them how to administer the Criminal Code. We don’t tell them how to run the RCMP. We don’t tell them how to run the CBC. They shouldn’t be telling us how to run our health care system. That is our constitutional responsibility and authority. It is as simple as that.”

If memory serves, the premier has lots to say about how the federal government should operate. He has been quite clear about what Canada’s relationship should be with the United States, he has said that our country should not be part of the Kyoto protocol, and has travelled to Washington D.C. to discuss the mad cow crisis with the vice president. No one is suggesting he shouldn’t have his say, but the last time I checked, each of these fell under federal jurisdiction.

The truth is that federal and provincial responsibilities often overlap. Both levels of government need to work in cooperation to achieve results. It seems, with the creation of the National Health Council, that each of the provinces and territories have made a commitment to work together with the federal government…that is, without Alberta's involvement. It is nearly unprecedented cooperation by all parties, so why is Alberta not joining in? It makes me wonder if we are really being that hard done by, or if our premier is just disappointed that he doesn’t have control over the process. After all, Canada isn’t Ralph’s World!

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