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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Klein to miss most of fall session 

November 19/03 - CBC Broadcast Edmonton AM;
Ralph Klein Speaking:
“Their (the opposition’s) whole performance depends on whether they can grill me and try to embarrass me and ask me stupid questions to which I’m expected to give intelligent answers....”

Well, let's hears some of those intelligent answers.

December 1/1999 (Quoting from Hansard)
Stupid question: “Why won’t the Premier consider overwhelming evidence that his privatization scheme may lead to increased health care costs for the citizens of Alberta?

Intelligent answer?:- “Mr. Speaker, as I said before, at the risk of getting into the game of I’ll show you your study; you show me my study, there are studies going back and forth. There is a lot of evidence both ways. We have the policy statement out there for public discussion . We want to make sure before we introduce legislation that it’s absolutely right.

Stupid question:- “According to the Centre for Health Program Studies at Harvard Medical School ..... administration costs in the Private US system are four times what they are in Canada under the public system....my question is: how much does the Premier plan to see administration costs go up under the scheme that he wants to introduce for privatization here in Alberta? Where’s his study?

Intelligent Answer?:- “Mr. Speaker, obviously I’m not getting through to the opposition. They can’t understand. But, you know, our Minister of Health and Wellness used to be a school teacher, and perhaps he can stand up and explain the policy, perhaps in grade 5 language. I’ll defer to the Honourable Minister.” (Alberta Hansard)

Intelligent answers ? I think not.

Submitted by Sandy

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