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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Monday, December 08, 2003


Ralph Klein Speaking; Edmonton Journal Nov. 19/03:-

"Their whole performance depends on
whether they can grill me and try to embarrass
me and to ask me stupid questions to which
I'm supposed to give intelligent answers."

Martha and Henry react:-
Henry:- "Now just a darn minute, Mr. Klein, you are bad-mouthing men and women who speak out for the thousands of us who didn't vote for you or your buddies."

Martha:- "Yeah Ralph, we've been reading Hansard while you were out of town and all we've seen are questions from intelligent, well educated men and women who have done research and are well informed."

Henry: - "And what's more those questions are being asked on behalf of all the people of Alberta and they deserve the kind of respectful and informative answers you and your boys are not giving."

Martha:- "Over and over again we read questions that are designed to have you or your colleagues come clean and prove to us you have considered the consequences of what is being pushed through the Legislature."

Henry:- "You see Ralph Forrest Gump had it right when he said 'stupid is as stupid does' in the movie of the same name."

Martha:- "Stupid is when you dive head first into a swimming pool without first finding out how deep the water is."

Henry:- " Even more stupid, is when you totally ignore and mock the people who inform you the water is a lot deeper than you think."

Martha:- "Yeah and then, when you not only dive in without knowing what you're doing you pull all the rest of us in with you now that's really stupid."

Henry: "Like when you threw the whole Province into deregulating the essential utilities on the basis of some totally unproved sales campaign claiming that competition would bring prices down."

Martha: "In fact all too much of what you've done since gaining power ten years ago has been blindly following what one of your advisers before you even got elected called 'the stupid way.'"

Henry:- "Which has meant taking actions like blowing up a Calgary hospital and only now ten years later facing the reality of needing to build another one."

Henry:- "So now you are ready to bully through the Legislature another blind dive into what you call the P3 pool where hospitals, highways and school buildings will no longer belong to the citizens and yet we'll end up paying all the costs plus a profit for already rich investors."

Martha:- "You see Ralph we read your non-response to a very well researched and intelligent question. Remember Kevin Taft asking: 'When the Premier met with the officials at the Great Western hospital in Swindon (England) did they tell you the cost of this P3 hospital soared from 45 million pounds to 90 million pounds and ultimately to 148 million pounds...'"?

Henry:- "Quite frankly we are not impressed by your answer to that question. Remember how you tried to put him down by saying:- 'Now I don't know where the honorable member gets his information, but maybe he should travel to Swindon to find out for himself.'"?

Martha:- "You know Ralph a man who uses the word "stupid" is really very much like the playground bully who tries to morally degrade another student by calling him names."

Henry:- "So in labeling them stupid questions we figure you are not just demeaning our representatives but you are degrading every one of us who want to have your government listen to realty before dragging us all into one more privatization swamp."

Martha:- "Frankly Ralph, Henry and I don't think the word stupid belongs in the vocabulary of a civil and democratic society."

Henry:- "But since you've used it, it just might be that stupid more appropriately applies to the answers that were given rather than to the questions being asked in this last session of the Alberta Legislature."

By Sandy

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