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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Thursday, January 29, 2004


(First of a series on propaganda in Ralph’s World)

There really is no difference between brazenly telling lies to the public and constantly releasing financial information in a manner designed to create illusions in the minds of a poorly-informed populace.

Ralph’s dealing with public education is the clearest case in point.

On Sept. 20/03 the Edmonton Journal proclaimed in 3/4 inch high headlines “Klein vows $500M for schooling”.

Tiny print on the flimsy paper below reveals that not one penny of that money could possibly reach a real Alberta classroom until more than a year later. In fact, that amount of money may never even be put into the Provincial budget.

But that doesn’t matter to Ralph. His illusion-creating Public Relations department has guaranteed him that the vast majority of ill-informed readers will never see the rest of the article anyway.

Spin doctors knew from experience that the market crowd would almost all move on to another headline carrying with them a mental image of buckets of dollars piled high on the desks of school Principals.

In the mass mind that money would be seen as piled so high on school Principals desks that it overflows and runs down the hallways and straight into the classrooms of our schools.

Now, on Sept. 20/03 the fine print also told us that Ralph hadn’t even read the report from Alberta’s Commission on Learning.

But that didn’t matter to Ralph either. When the Legislature went into session later in November he took off to far away places confident that the public was still under the illusion that “Ralph listens, Ralph cares and Ralph has put everything back in that he took away from our kid’s schools.”

In fact Ralph said, as he waved good bye, that all the Opposition would do anyway was to ask “stupid questions.” Actually what he was doing for education was to leave his well trained agent Lyle who knows very well how to avoid ever giving a straight answer to an honest request for information.

No one knows better than Lyle how to foster the illusion that the Klein government is actually going to do what the people of Alberta had told the Learning Commission needs doing.

In next articles let’s see how Minister Lyle is carrying on Ralph’s masterful manipulations. So let’s keep asking “Are Ralph and Lyle ignorant and misinformed? Are they purposely acting dumb or are they just plain dishonest?”

Submitted by Sandy

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