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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Monday, January 26, 2004

King Ralph’s Feel Good TV Happy Hour of Fun! Spin the wheel, Alberta! 

Live from the Province formerly known as Alberta… it's King Ralph’s Feel Good TV Happy Hour of Fun! And it’s brought to you by…you! $85,000 of your hard earned tax dollars are being spent so you can see your favorite Premier in your own living room! You can hear him tell you that things are not only good, but they are about to get even better!

Why you ask? Well, it's almost election time! And you know what that means…things are looking up! After three years of deregulation flu, education cutbacks, and Mad Cow…it’s time to start spending!!

It only comes once every four years, folks, so take advantage of the plethora of great deals!

The next year may include…
- Re-Promised Tax Cuts!
- Energy Rebates!
- Ottawa bashing!
- Short-term funding boosts for Health Care and Education!
- Old ideas!
- Warm fuzzy feelings For a Positive Future!*

But it is only for a limited time! So sell sell sell your vote!

Listen to Ralph and see if your number is drawn at 6:40pm on February 4th on CFRN in Northern Alberta and CFCN in Southern Alberta.

*Promises pending Tory Re-election…maybe.

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