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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Klein Committee to address alienation, but will they listen to what they hear? 

Just before the Christmas break; Ralph Klein’s Government formed MLA Committee on Strengthening Alberta's Role in Confederation. The issue of Alberta’s role in Canada is drawn from the wide spread alienation that many Albertans feel from Ottawa. Many issues like Gun Control, wheat board, and the unelected Senate have led to the feelings that the federal government is unreceptive to Albertans. (On the other hand, Alberta is not that receptive to Ottawa either…)

But, aside of the seriousness of this issue, I can’t help but be a little suspicious of the motives behind the creation of this committee. This committee is made up of only PC MLA’s (surprise, surprise…). Non-partisan legal experts headed a similar committee in Newfoundland.

If the committee is serious, it will honestly attempt to address the issues surrounding Alberta’s place in Canada. If it is simply a political make-work project for the over inflated and under worked PC Caucus, then it will most likely fan the firewall flames of Albertan resentment.

I say, lets work together. Let’s find a solution, or at least lay down the foundations for a stronger Alberta within Canada, and a stronger Canada within Alberta. With a new Prime Minister in Ottawa, who has acknowledged that this issue is a problem, Ralph Klein’s Kingdom has an opportunity to lay down its pitchfork of confrontation and seriously address the alienation felt by many Albertans.

Lets hope for the best.

The Strengthening Alberta's Role in Confederation MLA Committee will be holding hearings across Alberta starting in January of 2004. Click here for location and dates.

You can let the Committee know your opinion online by clicking here at www.gov.ab.ca.


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