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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Sunday, February 29, 2004


Klein said Wednesday he sort of likes scaring people, who are afraid of change, with his talk about health-care reform (Journal Feb. 26/04 Page A3)

Been looking into bullying. Big problem on playgrounds these days. Seems that bullies get their kicks out of shouting at, threatening and even physically attacking kids less equipped for defending themselves.

Bullies attract followers who are also turned on by feelings of power when they go around acting dangerous and scaring everybody they figure is either alone or has no one to help fight back.

Bullies are always on the look out for an excuse to use their arsenals of word and muscle weapons to prove to smaller kids how dangerous they are. A bully never takes responsibility but always claims, when pounding down a smaller kid, that the little kid threatened him first.

Got to wondering if, in Ralph’s World, being in the Legislature hasn’t become more like watching the leader of a gang operating in a skid road neighborhood than a place where responsible adults are sent by citizens to do the work of Democracy.

The smaller gang’s members ask questions on behalf of hungry kids in crowded school rooms, unattended inmates in nursing homes, stroke victims not seen for hours by a doctor in hospital emergency wards.

Big gang leader blows his stack for daring to even suggest that victims are getting hurt by the big gang’s actions.

Gets even madder when one of them asks him how come he spends so much citizens’ money on lavish entertainment.

So he treats the small gang’s questions with derision, mockery and even personal name calling - belittles their concerns - all the while his buddies cheer and desk-bang and shout put downs.

Sounds an awful lot like egging on a playground bully - don’t it?

And now that the gang leader has his old hit man back he’s even more arrogant and rages across the room “we will see their (the Liberals) rear ends pucker.”

Could all the members of the big gang really be getting sadistic pleasure out of watching their leader dump on those who care about vulnerable old men and women with canes and crutches and wheel chairs?

Do they actually enjoy knowing that hungry children are sitting in overcrowded classrooms, could they like thinking of folks with heart conditions waiting dangerously long for help, are they turned on imagining widows with no family alone and unattended in nursing homes?

Do 70% of Alberta’s citizens, as Ralph claims they do, really cheer him on as he threatens the security of all except the rich and politically powerful by cheering for his rip up and tear down policies in health, education and elderly care?

Will Ralph’s gang never be satisfied until they have ridden rough shod over even the Raging Grannies and the Friends of Medicare who dare to question their blind faith in the godless, poor-victimizing forces of the market?

Just wonderin’ - Bill Barley, Abnormal Albertan

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