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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Last week Ralph was making his World tremble by thundering against the Canada Health Act. A Journal headline last week said something like “KLEIN THREATENS TO DUMP CANADA HEALTH ACT” Ralph says it keeps him and his boys from being “flexible and innovative.” Which really means selling out to profit hungry investors all over North America. Even threatened to send down a bolt of lightening and start a “firestorm.”

This week he says he’s going to fix it so we can, if we’ve got lots of money, get our knees done and then spend a while drinking wine in a nice hotel room.

Could Ralph have been a bit petulant because some Liberals were making him squirm by uncovering a bit of a “black hole” in his expense accounts?

Or could this just be another one of those “privatization” rats biting his toes and providing another excuse for him to blame the “feds”?

Or is the time coming soon when Ralph will cry wolf once too often and real Alberta citizens will just ignore him?

Just wonderin - Bill Barley, Abnormal Albertan

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