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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Monday, February 02, 2004

Freddie's Diary - Article 1 

Welcome to the first installment of Freddie's Diary. Please click here to find out who Freddie is and why Freddie's Diary came into existence.

Prior to 1993, seniors trusted and believed in the of the P.C. Government. The promises were many. Quotes from Ministers such as:

"Programs for seniors emphasizes the government's commitment to meet the crucial needs of our elderly citizens to acknowledge their contributions."
"We would like to recognize Alberta's older generation for what they have given so generously over the past years."

Up until 1992/93 all ages of the population looked upon seniors as a valued segment of society. That was before the Klein government's propaganda machine went into warp drive.

It became important for Klein's Government to convince the Alberta population that the cost of seniors' benefits was leaching the life's blood out of Alberta. It was the fault of seniors that children were living in poverty. The propaganda machine attacked teachers, hospital workers, welfare recipients and disabled Albertans. It appeared that seniors were at fault on all counts. Seniors began to believe the lie themselves, certainly younger people did. This propaganda was also coming out of Ottawa, i.e.; "Pensions drain the Social Policy Pool." By Carol Goar - Toronto Star. The federal government wanted to change seniors' programs. Thanks to C.A.R.P., Canada's Association for the FiftyPlus, they did not succeed.

Suddenly seniors were painted as free loaders. Seniors used health care dollars at the expense of younger Albertans. How many times did you personally have this conversation with your younger brethren?

The attitude was that CPP and OAS was a gift paid for by working people not by the seniors themselves. That is the way of propaganda. It sneaks into the belief system and converts the masses before they know what is happening. Once a lie is believed it is very hard to change it and you have to remember the Klein propaganda machine is the best that money can buy.

Wake up Alberta! Seniors paid for their CPP monthly until retirement and are still paying for OAS through their tax dollars the same as non-seniors. Seniors still pay income and property tax, plus GST. Seniors use to get a well-deserved break on their property tax. This quickly ended with the propaganda that the education system was failing because of the seniors' tax break. Seniors paying the education tax portion has not stopped teachers being laid off, the infrastructure of the schools deteriorating or the quality of the education being flushed.

By reading Freddie's Diary, I will show you how Klein and his BIG MACHINE siphoned dollars from seniors' pockets. If you keep voting for these people, you are going to keep getting what you have been getting. Less and less!

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