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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, February 06, 2004

A Response -- of sorts 

Dear Mr. Marlowe,
On behalf of Premier Klein, I wish to acknowledge receipt of your recent e-mails. The Premier appreciates you taking the time to share your views with him.

Please be advised that the Premier has had the opportunity to review
your correspondence and has taken the liberty of sharing a copy of your
comments with the Honourable Stan Woloshyn, Minister of Seniors, for his further review as well.

Thank you again for writing.
James Davis
Deputy Chief of Staff

Above is the only response received so far to "A Letter to Premier Klein re Seniors Benefits" which was originally sent as an e-mail on December 2, 2003 and followed up with a letter which was also published in Ralph's World on January 13, 2004 (see archives).

The letter asked the Premier to publically assure seniors that there would be no further reduction in universal support programs for seniors and to inform them when they can expect the government to start returning, in-part or in-full, the support benefits that were taken from them.

By referring the matter to the Minister of Seniors, who supports the government's move away from universal support programs, it is clear that the Premier wants to avoid dealing with the request without actually saying 'NO'.

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