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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Monday, March 22, 2004

Flash Forward? Debt to be paid off by 2025 - Klein 

Capital City Chronicle

By: J.C. Wainwright
Legislature Reporter

November 1, 2024


On the eve of his 82nd Birthday, Alberta Premier Ralph Klein declared that Alberta’s debt could be paid off by sometime next year.

Klein, who was speaking at the founding convention of the Progressive Alliance of Conservatives Party, stated, “Alberta’s shining example of initiative is why we were the first province to tackle our debt problem.” Although Alberta is the last province in Canada to pay off its debt, Klein still thinks it was his best idea.

"It would be terrific for Alberta to be debt-free when we celebrate our 120th Birthday. What a great legacy to leave Albertans!" Klein was heard saying.

Klein, who has ruled Alberta for the past thirty-two years, says he still has the “fire in his belly” and plans to lead his Progressive Conservatives into the next election, expected next spring.

The Premier also denied rumors that the younger MLA’s in his caucus, notably Gary Mar, 62, and Ken Kowalski, 79, were attempting to push him out of office.

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