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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Monday, March 29, 2004

Has King Ralph met his match? 

This past weekend, Dr. Kevin Taft, the MLA for Edmonton Riverview was elected Leader of the Alberta Liberal Party and the Official Opposition. With the support of 86.1% of Alberta Liberal Members, Taft will do his best to take on King Ralph.

Taft, who was elected to the Legislature in 2001, is a best selling author, an expert in Health Care Economics, and holds a Ph.D. in Business.

Being the Leader of the Official Opposition in Alberta is probably one of the most thankless and toughest jobs in Alberta. As the Official Opposition Leader, Taft will have to take on one of the most popular Premiers in Canada. He will also have to fend off advances by the two member NDP Caucus, led by Dr. Raj Pannu.

Klein has faced-off against a number of Opposition Leaders in his reign and so far has been successful in fending them off.

Good luck to Kevin Taft, he is a smart and articulate man. Perhaps he will be the one to take Ralph to the retirement home for Old Premiers.

Here is a list of Official Opposition Leaders who King Ralph has faced-off against since becoming Premier in 1992.

1992-93 Ray Martin (Alberta NDP)
1993-94 Laurence Decore (Alberta Liberal)
1994 Bettie Hewes (Interim Alberta Liberal Leader)
1994-98 Grant Mitchell (Alberta Liberal)
1998-2001 Nancy MacBeth (Alberta Liberal)
2001-2004 Dr. Ken Nicol (Alberta Liberal)
2004 Dr. Don Massey (Interim Alberta Liberal Leader)
2004 - Dr. Kevin Taft (Alberta Liberal)

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