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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Monday, March 08, 2004


Just got to wonderin’: why does the creator of Ralph’s World get so snarly and become abusive whenever he’s asked about where he spends the people’s money?

Been thinking lately about fair play, decency and respect for fellow human beings.

Back in the real Alberta, the one that existed for some ninety years before Ralph took it over and remade it in his own image, Ole Bill and his buddies grew up pretty darn sure that there would always be a mature adult somewhere around to whom they could turn when bigger kids bullied them out of what belonged to them.

When we kids from smaller villages went to play ball or hockey against boys from bigger towns with more resources there would always be a grown-up, we thought, who would stand apart and decide whether the shots we made were fair or foul.

We who were from smaller towns with poorer equipment didn’t often win but we knew the man chosen as “ump” or “ref’” was there to ensure the game was fair. Win or lose we believed in a sense of decency and fair play.

Then one day Ralph and his gang became the judges and dividers of every resource, including its people, that this part of Canada has been given by Nature or God.

Ole Bill and his neighbors have watched in disbelief as Ralph and his buddies, over the last ten years have become a big powerful outfit that takes the side of all the other big powerful outfits that bully down down, trample on and take resources from smaller outfits.

In Ralph’s World the referee, with all the power given to him by a careless crowd that seems to cheer for bullies, is guaranteeing that the big guys are going to win and the people are going to lose.

The “level playing field” that Ralph talks about in order to hide what’s really going on from the people who could challenge him really means penalizing the people’s team so he can guarantee the powerful money-driven teams a profit.

Doesn’t matter to Ralph, for instance, that his hand selected managers are bullying nurses into becoming more and more tools in their hands. In fact, Ralph threatens to stomp on the outfit that stands up for them.

If someone who believes in fair play stands up yells “foul! look what you’re doing to the people being hurt” the referee shouts them down and changes the subject.

When, for example, an elected representative of people asks this one-eyed referee during question period about the fact that hospital emergency wards in his favorite city have had to invent the word “Burgundy” to describe how far overloaded beyond ‘code red’ they are forced to be, Ralph shouts back “malicious, unfair” and then raves about how powerful and overloaded with money his own team is.

But when it comes to suggesting Ralph’s team might just be feeding more than their share of hay to the big boys who play in the cow pasture league Ole Bill and some of his farmer friends think they just may be seeing the one-eyed umpire a bit shaken.

Could it be that the creator of Ralph’s World doesn’t like to face the possibility that even those who have fed on his words are beginning to question his sense of fairness and concern for the people who make up the real Alberta?

Could it be that the words “I’ve had enough of this crap” mean that in Ralph’s World the questions of people on the small teams like Seniors Groups, Welfare Societies, Nurses and Teachers Organizations are on the same level as what cattle feed lot operators carry out in the spring time and spread on the fields?

Just Wonderin' - Bill Barley, Abnormal Albertan

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