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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Ole Bill sees:-

Hansard March 16/04

People’s Rep. MacDonald: “... why has the government done nothing to bring down insurance rates for consumers while we see insurance industry profits soar by 775%?”

Alberta’s Premier: “...... it’s not right to say he doesn’t tell the truth. Well, I guess it’s right to say he doesn’t tell the truth. ..... That legislation { his Party’s} focusses on fairness, fairness to the consumer, and it doesn’t focus on individual company profits, but if the member is willing to stand up and say profit is dirty, then let him stand up and say so. Say it. The reason he’s not telling - well, I don’t know the reason he’s not telling - . I know the reason he’s not telling the truth. It’s because he’s a Liberal. That’s the reason.

People’s Rep. MacDonald: (same session) “ ..... why is it that even the insurance industry has very little confidence in this government’s insurance reform package?”

Alberta’s Premier: “..... {very long lecture claiming consultations - not including Opposition MLAs - took place} ... So for this honorable member to say there was no consultation, he is not telling the truth. His nose is growing.”

People’s Rep. MacDonald: “..... given that the cow-calf operators that I had the privilege of meeting with in Vegreville last night demanded to know, ‘Where did the money go?’ why does this government continue to ignore the interests of small farmers?”

Alberta’s Premier:- “..... first of all, how many?, who did they represent?, we paid out to 1,534 feed lot operators totaling $359 million. I don’t know who he was talking to. Who was he talking to? Will the honorable member tell us how many were at that meeting and who they represented? He won’t because he knows they are a special interest group that are not sympathetic or supportive to this government in any way shape or form.”

People’s Rep MacDonald: “Why did this government not ask the meatpackers to open their books?”

Alberta’s Premier: “ ...... this member is questioning their { his chosen investigators} integrity and their ability to conduct an investigation or a review to report to the minister. Mr. Speaker, that is sad. That is sad for this so-called honorable member to pick on public service employees who cannot be in this legislature to defend themselves,”

Hansard March 4/04

People’s Rep. MacDonald: “..... how does Alberta Energy’s own research, which the Premier tabled on Tuesday, and which shows that monthly electricity bills have skyrocketed because of electricity deregulation, fit into the government’s pursuit of excellence?

Alberta’s Premier: ( to loud heckling sounds) “Table your own bill. Table your bill. I want to see how bad it is.”

People’s Rep. MacDonald: “........ why does this government need a $3 million propaganda campaign organized by the Public Affairs Bureau to sell Albertans a defective product that they do not want, electricity deregulation?”

Alberta’s Premier: “ .... I wouldn’t call it a propaganda campaign, I would call it a fact campaign. The reason we have to conduct a fact campaign is because of the Liberals and their propensity to come out with things that simply are not the truth. ......... that’s why we have to advertise: to get the facts out because this team over there are out busily amongst the people of Alberta spreading lies, propaganda, misinformation and falsehoods. So we have to advertise to get the truth out.”

Speaker of the Legislature: “I’m going to ask for temperateness here, there are words being used in this assembly that will not inspire any teacher with his or her children in the Province of alberta.”

Alberta’s Premier: “I apologize for using the word ”lies”, Mr. Speaker, they are not telling the truth.”

Looks like the Premier of Alberta thinks that anything that he says is truth and nothing but the truth, because he’s a Conservative, while any information a Liberal or New Democrat brings to the Legislature is brought in by someone who doesn’t tell the truth. Sounds very much like calling all Opposition members liars - doesn’t it?

Does Alberta’s Premier exemplify the kind of Democratic leadership that thousands of young Canadians were told, and still are being taught, is worth being wounded and dying for in order to maintain a free and open society?

Just wonderin’: Bill Barley, Severely Abnormal Albertan

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