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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Monday, March 08, 2004

Ralph's lackeys dominate the Public Accounts Committee 

Last week's highly publicized temper tantrum by King Ralph, after reporters questioned where his government's 400,000,000$ BSE Aid Package was allocated, was amazing and disgusting in the same breath!

But there was more to it than Ralph's "I've had enough of this crap" comment. Last week's "crap" was just beginning.

The same week, on the Public Accounts Committee, the Opposition proposed a motion to have the Auditor General probe the Tory BSE program's spending. Not surprisingly, Ralph's majority on the committee voted down the motion.

In the spirit of democracy and free press, Ralph's World has compiled a list of the Tory MLA's who voted AGAINST the inquiry, and the Opposition MLA's who voted FOR the inquiry.

Please feel free to contact them with your comments around the Tories lack of action and disrespect for taxpayers dollars.

Tories who voted AGAINST an inquiry

- Wayne Cao (PC MLA Calgary Fort)

- Harvey Cenaiko (PC MLA Calgary Buffalo)

- Hector Goudreau (PC MLA Dunvegan)

- Drew Hutton (PC MLA Edmonton Glenora)

- Mary Anne Jablonski (PC MLA Red Deer North)

- Gary Masyk (PC MLA Edmonton Norwood)

Opposition MLA's who voted FOR an Inquery

- Laurie Blakeman (Liberal MLA Edmonton Centre)

- Brian Mason (ND MLA Edmonton Highlands)

- Dr. Kevin Taft (Liberal MLA Edmonton Riverview)

Check out this link for a transcript of the meeting.

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