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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, March 12, 2004

Ralph's World, three years later. Was it worth the ride? 

Three years ago today, Premier Ralph Klein, in a less than sober victory speech, christened the Province of Alberta in his name. When he spoke the now infamous words "Welcome to Ralph's World," things in Alberta changed.

That night was huge for King Ralph. Not only had succeeded in defeating his long-time rival, Liberal Leader Nancy MacBeth, but Team Ralph had won their largest majority in the Alberta Legislature, 74 MLA's. Opposition candidates and MLA's were droping like flies as Ralph’s juggernaut swept through the once Liberal Stronghold of Edmonton. The Tories won 11 seats in Edmonton that night (In 1997, they won 2 and in 1993 they won none).

Edmontonians were told that they were getting a better brighter deal, more clought in cabinet, and a stronger voice in the locker room of Team Ralph Stadium. They got duped.

What Edmontonians got were three Ministers (Calgary got six) and seven lackey MLA’s who have sat quietly in the corner, like trained seals, as Edmonton has got whacked by the Calgary based Tory Old Guard.

Edmontonians were promised a stronger voice in Alberta's Government. Where was this stronger voice when Edmonton lost a seat in the Legislature and Calgary gained three? Where was this voice when Lyle Oberg decided to attack the Edmonton Public School Board in a fit of bitter revenge? Where was this voice when their fellow Tory MLA, Mark Norris, threatened to take over the Edmonton City Centre Airport? Where were they when healthcare premiums for seniors increased by 30%? Where were they when over 1000 teachers from across Alberta were fired?

They were nowhere to be found.

It’s time to send a message to Coach Ralph and his Team. It’s time to let them know that Edmontonians and Albertans deserve better. It’s time for a change.

Edmonton MLA's in Alberta's Legislature

Pre-"Ralph's World"
Liberal - 12 MLA's
PC - 3 MLA's
ND - 2 MLA's
Independent - 1 MLA
Vacant - 1 MLA

In Ralph's World (Now)
PC - 11 MLA's
Liberal - 6 MLA's
ND - 2 MLA's

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