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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Monday, March 22, 2004



Hansard Feb.19/04

Kevin: “...... can the Premier explain why his chief of staff spent over $1,500 of taxpayer money on hotel rooms in Edmonton when he lives in metro Edmonton?”
Ralph: “....... I guess these people {Liberals} don’t understand, thank God, what government is all about and how government runs......”

(Hansard Feb 25/04)
Kevin: “..... given the multi-million dollar surplus, what excuse does he {the Premier} offer to the little children who sit in schools hungry because there is no school lunch program?”
Ralph: “..... that comment is totally unfounded, is totally unfair, and is simply not true. You know while the opposition is sitting over there twiddling their thumbs and basically counting pennies....... we are counting the billions of dollars of new infrastructure in this province.......”

Kevin: “....... given the multi-million surplus, what excuse does the Premier offer the stroke victim who sits ten hours in the Foothills emergency room without seeing a doctor?”
Ralph: “.... the Liberals will search high and low, mainly low, to find something wrong in this province...... there are going to be 30% who believe in the Liberals or the NDs ... no matter how well we do.....”

Kevin: “..... what excuse does he {the Premier} offer vulnerable seniors who, according to his own government’s report, sit unattended in nursing homes because of staff cuts?”
Ralph: “....... he’s again focussing on the negative, on the negative, I would focus on the 225 million in seniors programs funded by this government....... they {Liberals} are focused on trying to manufacture bad news in whatever way they can and Albertans are not buying it.”

What would happen if the real citizens of the real Alberta began to know the real, as contrasted with the media image, Ralph as he stomps on anyone who dares point out how Ralph’s world has become as cold and mechanical as a bank machine?

Just wonderin’ - Bill Barley, Severely Abnormal Albertan

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