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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


March 2/04
Latest headline from the creator of Ralph’s World says “GUN CONTROL NEEDED....” But then the subtitle says ‘But weekend shooting doesn’t prove need for registry....’

Sounds like opining that people should stop killing each other with their cars but vehicle owners shouldn’t have to buy licenses doesn’t it?

Wonder if Ralph would be against licensing drivers if it were the “Feds” who required all drivers to first learn how to operate a vehicle and then register themselves as qualified drivers?

Aren’t guns designed for killing while cars are for transportation?
So why register cars and not register guns?

Might this be in the same category as Ralph wanting to dump the Canada Health Plan just because it was created by the “Feds”?

Isn’t there a category of adolescent kid called something like ‘oppositional defiant’ that describes a boy who goes against everything a higher authority requires just because he didn’t think of it himself?

Wouldn’t it cost less simply to get behind the gun registry and get it operating rather than wasting millions fighting for an imported American attitude toward fire arms?

Just wonderin’ - Bill Barley

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