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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Thursday, April 01, 2004


Ole Bill Sees
ramming rough-shod over

Hansard March 29/04 1:30 pm

Peoples Rep Taft: “... this government’s launch of health care reform is sounding more and more like its launch of electricity deregulation. It’s working hard to create an artificial crisis instead of addressing legitimate needs and making a host of promises that will never come true. Will deregulated health care offer the same poor service at higher cost that deregulated electricity has brought to Albertans?”

Alberta’s Premier: “..... (claims all other provinces agree with him that health care is ‘unsustainable’) .. the health care system as we know it today, the status quo, is simply not acceptable, and it needs reform as well as more dollars.....(Hands off to Premier’s Agent Mar)

Premiers Agent Mar: “.... (lectures about looking to other countries, doesn’t mention the US) ... I think that the Premier and others across Canada have come to the conclusion that it’s not sustainable. Then we need to import ideas from around the world and ask: what will make sense here in this province?”

Peoples Rep Taft: “... how does the Premier explain that his government is now spending more per capita on health care than ten years ago, yet we have fewer hospital beds, we employ fewer RNs and we have longer waiting lists? Where is the m mismanagement?

Alberta’s Premier: “.... what the honorable leader of the Official Opposition says is not entirely true. More procedures than ever are now being accommodated. We have more MRIs, more joint surgeries, more heart surgeries ..... You know this province has always had the courage do things differently, and we’ve always had the courage to admit that other jurisdictions do things better and to look at what those jurisdictions are doing and do the same thing here.”

Peoples Rep Taft: “ .... given that the Romanow commission in fact did look at jurisdictions across Europe, many of the ones that have been listed by the Premier and the Minister of Health and Wellness, why don’t they just accept the recommendations of the Romanow report?”

Alberta’s Premier: “... there were no recommendations relative to best practices used in other jurisdictions, no recommendations as to how those best practices could be implemented”

Ole Bill asks: Weren’t there?

If Alberta were an ocean, wouldn't the Premier’s Party - aka. Ralph’s World - be like an iceberg? All the public ever sees is evidence of a cold calculating commerce-driven force that has already decided where it’s going and how it will crush anyone that gets in its way?

Just Wonderin’ - Bill Barley, Severly Abnormal Albertan

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