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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Thursday, May 13, 2004

King Ralph deserves an F in accountability and an A in computer skills. 

In the past few weeks, Ralph Klein has lived up to his well-earned nickname.

First, he lied to Albertans about saying he would allow open access to the flight logs of his government’s air fleet. The night after he promised openness, his government closed the door. When Liberal Leader Kevin Taft showed up the next morning to look at the flight logs, he and the media were told that it was no longer open for access, as King Ralph had promised they would be.

Second, he angrily attempted to intimidate Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman with chants of “are you calling me a liar, are you calling me a liar…” during a session of the Public Accounts Committee. All Ms. Blakeman was guilty of was doing her job by asking if the PC party had repaid Albertans for King Ralph’s use of Alberta government planes for his private golf weekend in Nova Scotia. The PC party repaid less than half, because apparently, he was also conducting government business on the back 9.

Third, King Ralph likened Liberal Leader Kevin Taft’s argument for Public Auto Insurance to the 1971 bloody coup in Chile. To prove his point, King Ralph released a paper he had “writen” about the Chilean coup for one of his correspondence classes at Athabasca University; King Ralph received a mark of 77% on this paper.

Well, it turns out that 5 out of the 12 pages which our King “wrote” were copied almost word-for-word from a number of websites on the internet. Apparently, King Ralph failed to understand a little word that all student’s are expected to know by the time they reach grade 6: “plagiarism.”

So while King Ralph has failed to show Albertans that he can write a whole paper himself, he has proven to Albertans that he is very good at using the copy and paste functions on his keyboard.

This act of plagiarism highlights the arrogance and unaccountability which King Ralph brings to his PC government and the lack of respect he holds for our educational institutions. Students and Albertans across Alberta should be completely outraged at this act of self-centred elitism.

See more and read the essay on the CBC Edmonton Website.

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