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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Saturday, May 08, 2004


Henry: “In fact, Mr. Premier, Martha and I are sick and tired of your “Ralph” act”.

Martha: “I am totally disgusted and resentful that our Premier keeps including us in the phony act he invented to sell this Ralph guy as a rough and ready but caring, compassionate human like us.”

Henry: “To us a Premier is a leader who thinks before he bursts out with a massive vocabulary of emotion-loaded put-down language like this Ralph guy keeps using.”

Martha: “This Ralph guy keeps using wildly inflated numbers to sell the idea that health care and education costs are taking off like the King Air he keeps jumping into and flying all over the country every time he thinks there’s a hamburger to flip or a business leader to impress.”

Henry: “You see Mr. Premier we’re beginning to think this Ralph guy is about as trustworthy as the CEO of some of those outfits that are being investigated these days”

Martha: “Henry’s right Mr. Premier. We’ve been reading Hansard during this last session and know that bully act your buddy Ralph put on in an attempt to avoid simply telling the truth to Laurie Blakeman is used every time an elected representative of the people asks you for a straight answer.”

Henry: “Frankly Mr. Premier, if a buddy of mine had tried to trample down and disdain a woman like that Ralph guy did to Laurie Blakeman I’d have taken him out behind the barn and tried to teach him some manners.”

Martha: “Henry’s right Mr. Premier I’ve never seen even the most weather beaten western cowboy treat a lady like that. Your pal Ralph probably wouldn't even take his hat off to a lady in a bar.”

Hope you’re listening Mr. Premier. We remain Henry and Martha speaking for ourselves instead of letting this Ralph guy speak for us.

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