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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Wednesday, June 30, 2004



HENRY: Alberta’s Premier’s says he’s been “TO MARKET TO, TO MARKET TO BUY A FAT (health care) PIG” and, while everyone in the province is trying to have a summer break, he’ll come “HOME AGAIN, HOME AGAIN JIGGEDDY JIG.” Then he’ll take this porker out of the bag and show us what kind of a beast he’s bringing us this time.

MARTHA: You mean, he’s got this health care pig in a poke and we’re going to pay for it?

HENRY: Yeah, like the deregulation animal he bought and brought home and let loose for us to live with.

MARTHA: Boy! that sure was a pig in a poke if there ever was one. He came out from the hidden corners of that Legislature place like a gold digger with a poke full of gold and boasted about how all we had to do was to let it run loose and pretty soon it would be feeding everybody ham for breakfast, dinner and supper.

HENRY: What he didn’t mention was how he and his buddy the Vet didn’t have a clue how much that pig was going to eat. Heck, they didn’t even know if it had four legs to stand on. In fact we know now that neither of them happened to mention that all of the pork from it had already been guaranteed to the boys that sold it to him.

MARTHA: So what we have now is a big fat deregulation pig that we, the public, don't own but that we, the public, are pouring money into so the big boys can live higher and higher on the hog?

HENRY: Right, Martha! When we got that deregulation pig out of the poke it turned out to stink to high heaven. We’ll be feeding that one for ever. We get to pay for the tons and tons of energy it eats, while big guys still get to eat all the bacon.

MARTHA: Now the Premier and his Vet buddy have got this health care pig in a poke and you can bet those two will mount another massive sales campaign to sell the idea that we’ll get to eat all the bacon this time.

HENRY: Behind that advertising campaign it’s a sure bet that this one’s another that the citizens not only won’t own but that we, the public, will have to feed so the big guys he’s buying it from can live higher on the hog than they already do.

MARTHA: I guess the only way to stop that happening is for all us Martha’s and Henrys to stop believing this old gold digger when he keeps coming home from the market with pigs we have to feed once he lets them out of the bag.

HENRY: Martha, are you saying that, in the province of Alberta, ‘ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD’?

MARTHA: Henry, you should know that by now, in fact nothing that glitters in Ralph’s world is really gold.

HENRY: So, our only hope is for Alberta’s PRESENT Premier to get turned into Alberta’s PAST Premier in the next election.

MARTHA: Henry, I think you’ve got it.

Just listening in - Yours, Bill Barley

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