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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, August 13, 2004


Ole Bill Listens In: (Henry’s Reading the Paper)

HENRY: Look Martha! it says in the Journal that these Tory guys are preparing to woo us seniors. Here’s what it says “TORIES PREPARE TO WOO SENIORS” (Aug. 9/04)

MARTHA: Hah! That’s like if you were a bullying, controlling husband who had denied me what was really mine, beaten me down for years, and then suddenly turned on the charm and started telling me how much you appreciate and love me.

HENRY: You mean, it’s like I might feel if I’d been stomped on by a big, bruising, bully who took me down, kicked me, took $100.00 out of my wallet; then he turns around and says he’s going to give me back a ten dollar bill?

MARTHA: Yeah, you’ve got that right up to a point. But the bully, in this case the Klein government, with their massive Public Affairs Bureau, is setting it up so we Seniors are all expected to tell them how wonderful they are by voting them back into office.

HENRY: Oh I see, you mean it would be like the bully who took a hundred dollars off me turns around and says “You see I’m really a kind and caring fellow I just took this money away from you so I could give it back. Don’t you just adore me?”.

MARTHA: Not only that, the bully goes on to say “The reason I’m keeping ninety of your dollars and only giving you ten back is that I’m going to use the rest to guarantee massive profits for those other bully corporations that do things like exploit the beef and energy markets so we can pay more for our food, heat and power.”

HENRY: You don’t suppose do you that these political bullies think we are so badly informed or stupid that we’ll keep on putting up with politicians like Premier’s agent Stan Woloshyn?

MARTHA: You sure could be right, Henry. They must think we don’t read Hansard. You see, Woloshyn is the same politician who stood up in the Legislature four or five months ago and tried to verbally bully down a woman member of the opposition by boasting, to great Tory applause, that Senior’s benefits were very generous.

HENRY: I guess the Premier’s Public Relations Bureau told him back then to keep up the bully act. Apparently the word “generous” was the word he’d been told to use for putting down anyone who pointed out how demeaning it is for older people to be pushed to the point of desperation before a grudging government will pass them a pittance from the resources that really belong to all the people of the province.

MARTHA: Calling this outfit “generous” is like calling a miser with millions in the back magnanimous when he gives a beggar a quarter. But now, it looks like that same gang of word doctors is telling agent Woloshyn to say that he has really been working hard to restore those benefits ever since they were clawed back over ten years now.

HENRY: I think you’re bang-on Martha, the only thing politicians like Woloshyn, Oberg, Mar and all those Tory MLAs can really do is follow the script they’ve been given to read and pretend they actually have some power. The Premier himself really controls that Public affairs Bureau. Power in Alberta today is no longer in the hands of the people or even in the control of the Legislature.

MARTHA: You mean, I think, that instead of having less government under this Premier’s party, power and control has been systematically pulled behind closed doors where citizens can’t touch it. Real power’s been put into the hands of a very small group of money-driven power brokers. Ministers and Departments don’t make real decisions. They have become mere sales agents directed by this massive Public Affairs Bureau that the Premier controls.

HENRY: Yeah, that’s right, that’s how I see it. The only hope citizens have of sharing the resources of this province is to take power back, as some Senior’s groups are doing, and vote this media and information controlling Premier out of his chair as the CEO of what’s become a massive, dehumanizing Corporation rather than a government responsible to all of the citizens.

MARTHA: Wow, Henry, I don’t think you’re going to be on the Premier’s Christmas card list this year.

Ole Bill asks: Could Senior citizens actually be starting to see through the massive maze of deceptions still taking place in this province?

Just wondering - Bill Barley

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