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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Lean on me, when your not strong....can I? - Bill Smithy 

I seems that Edmonton's perma-cheerleader, Mayor Bill Smithy, needs a friend to lean on...or lend him a hand. In the past few weeks, Smithy's campaign has called in the big dog tories from Kleingary to help his faultering campign from sinking any deeper into the abyss of electoral defeat. Some of these big dogs include certified Kleinites Alan Hallman and Lanny Westersund. It sure says something when an Edmonton Mayor has to call in Calgarians to save his campaign...

Mayor Bill Smith

On top of this, it was revealed today in the Edmonton Journal that Smithy's campaign has sent out letters to appeal to the Edmonton PC Association Presidents and at least one Tory MLA. No letters of appeal were sent to Liberal or ND Associations.

So Bill wants the support of the PC's, the same PC's who stole a provincial seat away from Edmonton and gave three to Kleingary, the same PC's who audited Edmonton Public Schools as a threat to shut up, the same PC's who fired a huge amount of Edmonton teacher's two years ago. Keep this momentum going Bill....

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