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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


(From, “Alberta Politics Uncovered” NeWest Press 2004)
Published here, with the permission of the author, for the purpose of encouraging others to buy and read the whole book to learn, and discuss, the context from which these quotes are taken.

Quote # 2
p.11 In Alberta, western alienation is not just spontaneous grievance. It’s something that more than three million people have to be convinced every day that they feel.

p. 12 It [western alienation] is used now to further the power of the provincial government, and to further the political agendas of ideologically driven political activists who can in no way be described as ‘the grassroots.’

p. 109 “Alberta voters are often told they supply most of the equalization money for the ‘have-not provinces.’ The total equalization payments for fiscal year 2004-05 was set at $9.7 billion.

Provincial politicians and others claimed that Alberta was providing $9 billion.

The only way to arrive at that calculation was to ignore the fact the equalization payments come out of federal revenues supplied by taxpayers - not provincial governments but individual taxpayers.

Alberta residents provide about one-ninth of the country’s tax money. They pay federal taxes at the same rate as everyone else.

Their share of the equalization bill is just over $1 billion.

Two more reasons to purchase and read the whole book and find these quotes in context.

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