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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, November 26, 2004

'RALPH VOWS TO RISE AGAIN" Sun headline Nov.25/04 

Profanity is ugly, but it only serves to reveal the lack of class and boorishness in the mind of the one who uses it to smear what many people think deserves respect.

Blasphemy is taking what many people consider sacred and treating it in a way that it shows contempt for the beliefs and practices of a whole segment of society who respect and seek to learn from a higher power than the most powerful human on earth.

No words our Premier has ever spoken demonstrate the verbal extremes to which he will go in his attempt to portray himself as the one and only true savior of the people of Alberta.

Listen as the Sun reports his speech: “Well you know what? Christ was crucified and he was resurrected, according to the New Testament, and you’re going to see a resurrection.”

I’m sorry Ralph but I can’t laugh. Even if some Liberal hothead was foolish enough to boast about crucifying you, your response is pure godless blasphemy.

The Christ you appear to know nothing about wasn’t crucified because he was humbled by having his image of perfection shattered and his rude arrogance revealed to the public.

The man Jesus was crucified because he spoke out against those self appointed elite went around boasting about how rich and successful they were while widows died from neglect and children starved from lack of food.

He was killed because he publicly shamed the pretenders who paraded through the market never doing anything to help others unless they were publicly noticed and praised. If they’d had photo-ops in those days their pictures would have been in the papers every day performing for some charity.

No Ralph, you’ve got it all wrong, the Divine Being did not send you to Alberta to burden the elderly, the children, the sick and the working poor so you could save the rich and powerful from some trumped up enemy called called a “the deficit”.

And Ralph, being crucified doesn’t mean just losing a bit of face because your image has shattered a bit. Profanity I can sometimes laugh at, if it’s clever and not crude. But blasphemy isn’t funny.

I write as a citizen who cares deeply about democracy and is disgusted by crude politics.

Blair McPherson

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