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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Monday, November 15, 2004


(Much has been said recently about values being what moves people to vote for politicians. Here is a shot at exposing the values of our present Premier’s Party as contrasted with those of a humane democracy)

(1) The strongest and most compelling power driving the so-called Klein Revolution is the same as corporate financial greed and the concentration of power in the control of a few.

(2) The noblest value moving a people toward democracy is the human need to share the world’s resources more equally amongst the people who live and work in a country.

(3) No value driving the present government is higher than the desire to feed the thirst of corporate interests that have no goal beyond exploiting the province’s resources to slake the thirst of industry and commerce.

(4) No value in democracy is higher than that of having an informed and thoughtful population of citizens who use their voice to direct government toward acting as servant of human need rather than controller of information and director of corporate affairs.

(5) This government, like all corporations, sees the value of individual workers entirely in terms of what they contribute to the financial aims of the controllers who meet behind closed board room doors. Those who can’t feed the corporation have no value.

(6) In a true democracy individuals are valued in and for themselves. Even those who cannot contribute to the profit motive of the government, acting as a corporate entity, are entitled to a share of the worlds resources.

(7) The values of corporations are derived from market forces which care not from whom massive profits come nor in what way profits are gained. If money can be made by exploiting peoples’ weaknesses questions are simply not asked.

(8) In a humane democracy the goal of government is to promote human growth and well being in mind as well as body. Exploiting the need of people for medical services or feeding their weaknesses in areas like drug consumption and gambling is an evil to be controlled rather than a good to be advertised and sold for financial gain.

Sincerely: Blair McPherson

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