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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Saturday, January 29, 2005


Note: This letter has been mailed personally to every member of the Federal Government’s Standing Committee on Health including Minister UJJAL DOSANJH

HELP! Corporate Alberta is spearheading the attack on the foundations of Healthcare in Canada.

Unless the Federal government strongly repulses that attack, even Healthcare in Alberta is destined to be taken over by corporate America.

The word “privatization” as used by the Klein government, is designed to deceive and distract from its objective to abandon its responsibility for healthcare and sell out to corporate managed health care.

Joel Bakan in his book and documentary “The CORPORATION” presents a powerful case for Democratic Government being the only institution capable of controlling the profit-driven and dehumanizing power of the, legally-supported corporate, “person” that is really money driven and devoid of moral and humanitarian social values.

Here, in Alberta, the Klein government is not only driven by that corporate pressure in all fields of endeavor but it actively functions itself as a corporate entity.

The Klein governments policies, no matter how skillfully sold to the unthinking public, dehumanize and demean every citizen who can’t be evaluated in terms of his moneymaking, tax-contributing dollar value. Social values are disdained by the Premier himself.

Functioning as a corporate entity, the Klein government manipulates information to make Healthcare appear “unsustainable.” (See the attached pamphlet.)

The Klein government has, for over a decade, not only allowed healthcare facilities to deteriorate, but it has actively contributed to destruction of buildings and under staffing.

Now it pretends it must sell cheaply or give away resources to private enterprisers (e.g. HRG in Calgary) who are, in fact, simply small corporate entities getting ready to sell themselves to larger corporate entities as soon as profitable.

Like a slum landlord, with a buildings on highly valued land, Klein’s people have purposely underfunded and under staffed public facilities which now they turn over to business operations at a guaranteed profit.

Privatization stinks! The word privatization is a liar. If the Klein government really meant privatization they would turn the clock back to the time before the Federal government moved to provide citizens with health care regardless of ability to pay.

No! what we are talking about is really an underground Corporatization process hiding behind manipulated information - such as claiming how little the Federal government contributes.

And, as Joel Bakan states in his outstandingly insightful book “ . . . we are asked to believe that corporate persons - institutional psychopaths who lack any sense of moral conviction and who have power and motivation to cause harm and devastation in the world - should be left free to govern themselves.”

Please face it with us, Ralph Klein’s “third way” is nothing more innocent than another underhanded attempt to use corporate sales methods to undermine the power of the federal Government to enforce the CANADA HEALTH ACT.

We need your leadership strength and we need it BAD.

Blair McPherson, Citizen

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


For those of you interested in the endless healthcare debate that our premier lays upon us from time-to-time you might be interested in this piece by Noel Somerville of the Seniors Action and Liaison Team.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Water as predicted - Link to current situation. 

You heard it first on Ralph's World! Check the archives, all the games are coming into play.
Calgary will be buying their water from Coke and the rest of us from Ralph's friends.

Meanwhile, billions of gallons are going down hole in northern Alberta. Out of sight and anything goes according to Ralph!



Health care or Ralph's wallet care? 

John Clark
14815 – 123 Ave
Edmonton, AB
January 13, 2005.

Honorable Ralph Klein,
Room 307
Legislative Building,
Edmonton, AB T4K 2C6

Dear Premier:

Your recent announcement regarding your adventure into private health care has been long expected and is noted. Like most of your ideas there is no plan or budget available and no clear idea on what you expect as an outcome.

According to you by 2006 every kid in school will be involved in a physical education system that will save millions of dollars. Have you considered the great number of children that come to school without breakfast and have no lunches?

I’m sure after a few laps around the gym they will be apparent to all.

Your social programs are a shamble. Perhaps you are prepared to put some of these saved millions back into breakfast and lunch programs that were in place some 40 years ago and then cut?

Even though every single reputable study on health care shows without confusion the private funded system is very much more costly than the government public systems and the level of care drops in these same private systems. Pay more and get less with choices about which devil do you want to deal with.

It my mind you are in this for Ralph’s greater glory and to hell with what the pubic has to say about it! You isolate your government from the public by eliminating email contact directly to ministers. You disregard protocol by you and your ministers not answering direct questions and cut the days sitting in legislature to the lowest number of days in Canada. Like many of your schemes you have no clear idea of an outcome, driven by blind idealism without any regard to the well being of the people in this province.

I believe your consistent extreme positions are going to attract very extreme response.

Yours truly,

John Clark

Saturday, January 08, 2005

In respect for Lois Hole. 

The passing of Louis Hole is a cause for great sadness for all Albertans. I personally feel a great loss at not having actually met this fine lady.

In all of this I find so very trite, belittling and unfortunate that the Klein Conservatives in their and supporting media in their public displays chose not to mention Lois Hole’s untiring defence of the public health care system seeing it as one of Canada’s greatest treasures.

We in Alberta have lost so very much!

John Clark

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Waste not, Mr. Klein 


Martha's Monthly January 2005

If you are anything like old Martha you celebrated the Holidays with a few friends, family, and maybe a gift or two. While Martha was un-trimming the tree, packing up the bows and balls, crushing some cardboard for recycling, and packing away the boxes and boxes of stuff, she got to thinking about all the waste at this time of the year. Once she’d stood in line at the tree recycling depot, the bottle recycling, and the cardboard drop-off she started to think there maybe something wrong with Alberta’s approach to waste diversion.

Martha knew that Alberta Environment had just announced a plan for e-recyling that will come into full effect in February 2005 with the creation of the first provincial electronic recycling program in Canada. The plan will see an environmental fee ranging from $5 to $45 added to electronics purchased in Alberta. If Alberta is leading the way in e-recycling are we leading the way in waste management too?

Hardly! The City of Edmonton won an honorable mention in 2003 from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities for a “comprehensive, integrated waste management program” that has seen increased “residential waste diversion…from 15 per cent in 1999 to 60 per cent in 2002.” (see 2003 Award recipients) But the rest of the province lags far behind in waste diversion. Some estimates place Alberta’s waste diversion at 15%, others say 21%. But compare that to Nova Scotia’s 46% (read about their groundbreaking work at GPI Atlantic summary)and Denmark’s nearly 90% and you can see that Alberta is diverting very little from landfills. ( Discussion paper on Ontario's Diversion plan goes into much more detail comparing diversion rates).

The Alberta government released their Municipal Waste Action Plan in August 2004. In it they admitted that they had diversion targets since 1989 of 50% but only reached 20%. They suggested their aim would be closer to 80% now. Alberta would like to reduce our per capita waste to 500kg per year. If that seems like a lot of waste you are right. Some organizations, businesses, and municipalities have already achieved much better. Many have targeted zero waste. Zero waste means instead of aiming for 500kg per person per year we would aim for 100% waste diversion. The group Zero Waste has a plan and they have (among others) The Beer Store, Xerox, and The City of Edmonton participating. The major change Albertans would see is curbside recycling with Blue Bags and no sorting required. This has been a major component of the success of the Edmonton plan. Martha likes the idea of no more line-ups at the depot and no more sorting at home.

So in this first month of the year when we make resolutions and recycle Christmas trees it seems only appropriate that we ask our government to aim a little higher and demand a lot more in terms of waste reduction and diversion. We call on Premier Klein and the Environment Minister, Guy Boutilier, to amend the Municipal Waste Action Plan to aim for Zero Waste and offer curbside recycling across the province.

Please send the following letter to Premier Klein at premier@gov.ab.ca and to the Liberal leader Kevin Taft at Edmonton.Riverview@assembly.ab.ca , the New Democrats leader Brian Mason at newdemocrats@assembly.ab.ca and Alison.Crawford@assembly.ab.ca , and back to us at marthasmonthly@yahoo.ca. You may also wish to send it to Minister Boutilier at fortmcmurray.woodbuffalo@assembly.ab.ca and your own MLA (check Contact list for MLAs).

Premier Klein

January 8, 2005

Dear Premier Klein:

I am writing in response to the Municipal Waste Action Plan released by Alberta Environment in August 2004. I think that it is critical that we revisit the targets you set in that document.

In the document targets are set to reduce waste to 500kg per person per year. I think this is still far too high. I believe that with government leadership this number can be reduced significantly. Some provinces, like Nova Scotia, have found that large investments in waste reduction have not only led to high waste diversion rates but have also led to more jobs and an improved economy. I want Alberta to be a leader in waste management and especially in waste diversion. I think we can aim for Zero Waste and because of that I ask that you direct the Minister of the Environment to set his sights higher than he has and immediately adopt a Zero Waste resolution similar to this:

“ The Province…should immediately establish a Zero Waste Task Force…. to help develop projects, milestones, and timelines, and to solicit public input to develop an aggressive long-term waste reduction strategic plan that will move the Province towards a zero waste future.”

Thank you for your commitment to programs like the E-recycling one. This program led me to think that your government would be committed to other similar ways to reduce waste. If all of Alberta had a curbside Blue Bag recycling program like the award winning one in Edmonton then we would take a huge step towards zero waste. Please add this to your Municipal Waste Action Plan and reduce the target from 500 kg per person per year. We can, and must, do much better.


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