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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Saturday, January 29, 2005


Note: This letter has been mailed personally to every member of the Federal Government’s Standing Committee on Health including Minister UJJAL DOSANJH

HELP! Corporate Alberta is spearheading the attack on the foundations of Healthcare in Canada.

Unless the Federal government strongly repulses that attack, even Healthcare in Alberta is destined to be taken over by corporate America.

The word “privatization” as used by the Klein government, is designed to deceive and distract from its objective to abandon its responsibility for healthcare and sell out to corporate managed health care.

Joel Bakan in his book and documentary “The CORPORATION” presents a powerful case for Democratic Government being the only institution capable of controlling the profit-driven and dehumanizing power of the, legally-supported corporate, “person” that is really money driven and devoid of moral and humanitarian social values.

Here, in Alberta, the Klein government is not only driven by that corporate pressure in all fields of endeavor but it actively functions itself as a corporate entity.

The Klein governments policies, no matter how skillfully sold to the unthinking public, dehumanize and demean every citizen who can’t be evaluated in terms of his moneymaking, tax-contributing dollar value. Social values are disdained by the Premier himself.

Functioning as a corporate entity, the Klein government manipulates information to make Healthcare appear “unsustainable.” (See the attached pamphlet.)

The Klein government has, for over a decade, not only allowed healthcare facilities to deteriorate, but it has actively contributed to destruction of buildings and under staffing.

Now it pretends it must sell cheaply or give away resources to private enterprisers (e.g. HRG in Calgary) who are, in fact, simply small corporate entities getting ready to sell themselves to larger corporate entities as soon as profitable.

Like a slum landlord, with a buildings on highly valued land, Klein’s people have purposely underfunded and under staffed public facilities which now they turn over to business operations at a guaranteed profit.

Privatization stinks! The word privatization is a liar. If the Klein government really meant privatization they would turn the clock back to the time before the Federal government moved to provide citizens with health care regardless of ability to pay.

No! what we are talking about is really an underground Corporatization process hiding behind manipulated information - such as claiming how little the Federal government contributes.

And, as Joel Bakan states in his outstandingly insightful book “ . . . we are asked to believe that corporate persons - institutional psychopaths who lack any sense of moral conviction and who have power and motivation to cause harm and devastation in the world - should be left free to govern themselves.”

Please face it with us, Ralph Klein’s “third way” is nothing more innocent than another underhanded attempt to use corporate sales methods to undermine the power of the federal Government to enforce the CANADA HEALTH ACT.

We need your leadership strength and we need it BAD.

Blair McPherson, Citizen

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