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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


First comment:-

According to Senators Michael Kirby and Wilbert Keon (Globe and Mail Feb. 18/06) Quebec has used the Supreme Court verdict (Chaouilli case) in a very sensible and responsible way. The focus of the case was not on the phony issue of who delivers the services but, rather, on the very real one of whether Canadians have the right to timely access to the care they need, regardless of the provider.

Quebec’s insistence that the care must continue to be funded by the public system leads to this sensible application:- that there is no need for private, for-profit, providers if the pubic system were adequately funded and efficiently run. This sensible conclusion contrasts dramatically with Ralph Klein's third way which has come into the proposal stage only after a decade of severely handicapping the public system by the closure of facilities, laying off and overloading of medical personnel and farming out services.

The media’s constant complaint that the Klein government has no plan is both misleading and harmful. As Gillian Steward Demonstrates in “The Return of the Trojan Horse” there have been “many carefully planned privatization threads “ for the whole Klein era.

More to come: Blair McPherson

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