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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


(Interpreting the Chaouilli ruling)
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Michael Kirby and Wilbert Keon, two Senators who have forgotten more about Canadian Healthcare than Ralph Klein will ever know, state in the Globe and Mail (2/18/06) “Governments must either live up to their end of the medicare bargain and deliver timely access to care, or they must allow individual Canadians to purchase medically necessary care they need for themselves.”

The two senators go on to say that a care guarantee prevents two undesirable outcomes besides ensuring that people receive the care they need within evidence-based clinically determined wait times. They give credit to Alberta for recognizing the need to shorten waiting lists. But they do not endorse Klein’s third way move to delist services, on the one hand, while, on the other hand, pressuring the vulnerable public into thinking that by buying private insurance they will have better access to medical services than the rest of us.

“On the one hand,” the senators state, “it (the guarantee) prevents the Charter of rights of Canadians from being infringed; on the other hand, it prevents the emergence of a parallel privately funded system. IT DOES THIS BY GUARANTEEING THAT CANADIANS RECEIVE THE CARE THEY NEED, WHEN THE NEED IT, WITHIN THE PUBLICLY FUNDED SYSTEM.” (capitals mine)

The way these two highly qualified citizens are interpreting the Supreme Court’s Chaouilli decision is a far cry from Ralph Klein’s constant propaganda to the effect that Canadians can’t sustain their health care system and must, therefore, sell large pieces of it out to private insurance corporations and medical entrepreneurs.

Blair McPherson

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