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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Smells Like an Election to Me 

Klein recommends year freeze on insurance. CBC article

Hmmmm.... Now that the insurance rates have gone up by 50.1% in the last year, Ralph is going to freeze 'em high. Click here for details on the rate increase.

Well, this should keep the insurance companies happy. They made $644 million in profits this year, up from $110 million the same time last year. I'm sure they would happily have these rates frozen for all eternity. It will also keep the injury lawyers happy as it provides lots of money for injury settlements and consequently, lawyers' contingency fees. So the boys and girl on Rob Renner's insurance reform committee (three insurance company people and three lawyers) will likely praise Ralph publicly by saying things like "The Premier has taken a prudent wait-and-see approach in this very important matter and we concur completely with his judgment."

Most importantly for Ralph and his Tory band, they can avoid having to do anything about insurance for a full year. They might even try calling an election for Fall 2004 and hope they can avoid responsibility for their insurance mess by saying "We have our very best people working on a made-in-Alberta Insurance Policy and we will announce the details shortly after being re-elected."

By very cautious fellow Albertans. The spin doctors are out and their after your mind.

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