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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Stan's Got A Plan 

Those of you who are quick to chastise Stan Woloshyn, our Minister of Seniors and Homeless, had better think again. Stan’s got a plan. He’s going to combine the Long Term Care facilities used by our seniors with the Homeless Shelters saving the over-burdened Albertan taxpayer a substantial amount of money. He has already boosted the rates on the long term care facilities by 40% and has plans to charge the homeless for their overnight soirees. My goodness, he’s almost got a profit centre on his hands. No wonder his cabinet colleagues call him “Stan the Man”.

Think of the synergies and cost savings this will bring. Seniors will be able to sleep on comfy mats instead of those bed things. Much better for their posture. And the homeless can be trained to give out medications and perform other duties that are currently undertaken by overpaid nurses. How hard can it be to give out a pill or two. For their part, the seniors can instruct the homeless in their clearly lacking life skills by saying things like “Why don’t you get a job”, “Your mother would be ashamed of you”, “I’m sick and tired of you freeloaders” and other similar encouragements. The homeless will be back on the street in no time.

This government wastes $15.7 million dollars a year on support for homeless shelters alone. This works out to almost one and a half cents a day out of the pockets of every hard-working Albertan. This extravagance has got to stop and Stan Woloshyn is just the man to stop it.

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