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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Strong Albertan Majority Resents Homeless - Gimme a Break John 

Edmonton Journal Story - Advocate denounces shelter fees: "John Carpay, Alberta director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, praised Woloshyn for trying to introduce accountability into the shelter system.
'People have to learn that things in life are not free,' he said.
The government faces a difficult challenge balancing compassion and responsibility, he said. But across Alberta, a strong silent majority resents the vocal minorities who want to spend the majority's money on social programs, Carpay said."

Our Tory Government that John is so proud of spends $15.7 million a year supporting the homeless in this Province. This works out to $5 for every Albertan/year or a little over one cent a day each. The government also spends $33 million a year subsidizing the Horse Racing industry. Much of this $33 million goes into increasing the prize purses that horse owners race for.

John Carpay, along with the mean-spirited Ministers of the Tory Government are true practitioners of the right-wing creed that the only way to motivate the poor is to give them less money and the only way to motivate the rich is to give them more.

The majority of Albertan’s are generous, helping people. Many of them donate money out of their own pocket and countless hours of volunteer time helping the less fortunate in this Province. I doubt they begrudge giving a cent or two a day from their taxes to help the homeless.

Mr. Carpay has the same annoying habit as Premier Klein. They both make statements about how Albertans feel about things instead of just saying how they personally feel. Perhaps they think this shows leadership. It doesn’t. It shows arrogance and it makes my blood boil. We do not need our politicians telling us how to think.

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