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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Auto Insurance Problem - Solved 

From Hansard in the Alberta Legislature November 18, 2003 our Premier spoke in response to a question from Opposition Leader Ken Nichol:

Mr. Klein: Mr. Speaker, I don't know how old the hon. leader is. I'm 61
years of age. I suspect that he's about 59 or 58, and I also believe
that he's had a good driving record. I would say that he's paying
about the same rate as I'm paying, which by the way is about the
same rate as I'd be paying in Saskatchewan or Manitoba or British
Columbia, about the same rate. I pay about $600 or $700 a year in
car insurance; that's PL and PD and collision combined.

I think if we all just dealt with the Premier's insurance agent the whole thing would be solved. I'm a couple of years older than the Premier but that shouldn't matter. No accidents, no impaireds, no tickets plus I drive a pretty basic six year old family sedan. Sort of like the Premier I guess. So if I can get his rates, I'd save myself a few hundred dollars a year and I won't complain anymore about insurance rates.

So, I have e-mailed Premier Klein (see below) asking how I can contact his agent. When the Premier replies, I will contact his agent for a quote which I will pass on to you all here at Ralph's World. Then those of you with a good driving record like Ralph and I can get a good deal from his agent (a Premier deal you might say). This will go a long way to alleviating the Insurance Crisis in Alberta.

Here's my e-mail to the Premier.

Dear Premier Klein

Would you please pass on the name and contact information of your auto insurance agent that provides you with PL and PD and collision combined for $600 or $700 a year. I'm assuming you don't drive an old beater but if you could let me know what kind of car this was for and what your PL and PD coverage is I would appreciate it. I think most of this Province's insurance woes could be solved just by dealing with your insurance agent.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours truly

John Slow

PS My Insurance renewal is due in mid December so a timely response would be very much appreciated.

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