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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Welcome to Alberta Paul 

Toronto Star Editorial: Health fight eternal "Here we go again. Less than 24 hours after media reports said Canada's premiers had agreed finally to keep their word and set up a National Health Council, Ralph Klein was backtracking".

Mr. Martin has just been introduced to the wild and wonderous world of Alberta politics.

Listen carefully Paul. Ralph's a bit testy these days. His power deregulation policy, while providing large profits for the companies involved, is saddling the voters with huge power bill increases. He just announced a guaranteed floor on insurance company profits. He called it a price freeze but he froze them after the insurance companies jacked the rates by over 50% in one year so it locks in their $600 million profit they made last year. These and other issues have the faithful wondering about their caring premier.

So he has pulled out his tried and trusted weapon when things get a little rocky. You beat up on someone from out of Province and preferrably in the Federal Government. This fires up the talkshow hosts who lead the citizens in a Province-wide gnashing-of-teeth and wringing-of-hands with crys of "No More NEP", "We want our own cops", "No more transfer payments to those Eastern lay-abouts" etc. Then he goes a way for a few days - England in this case - and waits for the citizens to settle down. And they always do.

You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time Paul. So when Ralph denies that he had reached a deal with you on the Health Council when you thought you had one, it doesn't mean you misunderstood. Ralph just needed a patsy to dump on and you were it.

If you really want to understand Mr. Klein, just look where he spends our taxpayer money. Here's a sample.

Support for Alberta Horse Racing - $33 million/yr
Support for the homeless in Alberta - $15 million/yr
Support for Canadawide Health Council - $2 million/yr max
Bamboozling the Alberta voters - priceless

Have fun in the West Paul.

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