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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Kiss up to Bush - it's good for business. 

See Edmonton Journal Story by Kelly Cryderman: Lack of support for Iraq war costing Canada now, premier says

Premier Klein's approach is do what it takes to help business in this Province. If this means sending our troops to war in Iraq well so be it. We have to stay on the good side of George Bush or he'll hurt us economically.

I won't even touch the moral or ethical side of Klein's US Foreign Policy but it doesn't even work on the business side of things. True, the Premier did get 20 minutes of time this summer with US Vice-President Dick Cheney to discuss Mad Cow and whatever else they could fit into 20 minutes. The result of this was (how to say this delicately) absolutely nothing. Then there is the softwood lumber issue. We seem to be lurching to a resolution based on quotas that would permanently put many Alberta forestry workers out of work in order to allow a few of the larger companies to just survive. I don't think anyone, business people or workers, could call this a success.

President Bush and his administration could care less about Canada between now and the next U.S. election. If keeping the border closed to Canadian shipments of beef swing enough Republican votes in the Midwest states , the border stays closed. If tariffs and quotas on softwood lumber buy enough Republican votes in the southern states, then tariffs and quotas stay on. Premier Klein should understand this dynamic better than anyone.

Mr. Premier. Save your wooing of the U.S. until after the next election in November 2004. George isn't looking North these days. If you really want to help Alberta business why don't you turn you affections to Paul Martin. He's a Liberal but you could always put a bag over his head.

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