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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Premier Klein Wins American Award 

See this December 31st article By Joel Connelly in the SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER

Our Premier has certainly impressed our American neighbours this year winning the coveted Foot in Mouth Prize. Here is a quote from the article.

After a heifer in Alberta turned up with mad cow disease, and the United States cut off Canadian beef exports, Alberta Premier Ralph Klein said that any 'self-respecting' rancher would have taken three steps to deal with an ill animal: 'Shoot, shovel and shut up!'

Six months later, with another mad cow scare triggered by an animal imported into Washington from Alberta, Klein had learned restraint. 'I'm saying, 'Let cooler heads prevail.' Let's do the investigating and let's deal with the problem,' he said Monday.

Do we trust this guy? No way!"

What can you say. Ralph may have learned restraint now but the damage was done when "Shoot, shovel and shut up" slipped over his lips into the minds of a skittish American and Japanese public. He represented Alberta to them and to the detriment of our cattle producers, many of them don't trust us anymore when it comes to how we handle BSE. This provides them with all the excuses they need to slow down exports of Alberta beef.

It would be better in the future if our Agriculture Minister Shirley McClellan spoke for Albertans on this critical matter as Premier Klein has lost all credibility with our most important customers.

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