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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Monday, December 29, 2003

Premier Klein's View of Advocacy 

Report by Lyle Aspinall, Editor, Lacombe Globe, December 23, 2003: Have a look at this story concerning an 18,000 hog operation South of Bentley and how the Farmer's Advocate, a Klein appointee, "represents" the views of citizens in Alberta. Hint: Their views are ignored.

Can we expect the same from our new Utilities Consumer Advocate?

The Job Description for a Klein-Appointed Advocate in Alberta seems to be:

1. Must be able to absorb calls from irate citizens with cheerful but non-commital response.

2. Provide confidential information to the appropriate Minister and Premier Klein using the following feedback form:

Instructions for use - please rate the citizen's irateness on a scale from 1-4 as follows:

1 - Mildly upset - can be appeased with promise that government might do something.
2 - Nasty - uses inappropriate language when refering to the parentage of Ministers responsible.
3 - Livid - is planning a march on the legislature.
4 - Apoplectic - might not vote for Ralph next time - regardless of the size of the rebate.

3. Provide public reports which tell the citizens they are happy as larks with the government and any concerns they might have is because they don't understand. In other words, everyone else is happy; if you're not you're stupid.

The Klein-appointed advocates and their staff costs taxpayers millions of dollars annually to protect the ministers from having to deal with the citizens of this Province directly. There are better ways to spend this money.

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