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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Tory MLAs Strangely Silent 

Over the last six weeks I have sent a number of questions via e-mail to some of our elected members including two to the Premier Himself . I've kept track of when I sent them, when they were responded to, and what the responses were. You can click here for a summary.

Now the Premier Himself is the Minister in charge of the Public Affairs Bureau and he has set a stringent target response time for responses to e-mail questions from citizens to the government. It is as follows, pulled from the Public Affairs Bureau 2002-2003 Annual Report.

The second new measure tracks the number of Alberta Connects e-mail questions answered within the 72-hour target response time. Alberta Connects provides Albertans with a way to ask an e-mail question about any Alberta Government program or service. Questions vary widely in length and degree of complexity. The measure shows that 94 per cent of questions were answered within 72 hours, just below the target of 95 per cent.

Well that is a pretty good response time but it doesn't jibe with my experience. Here's my experience to date.

1. E-mail to Tory MLA Rob Renner November 2, 2003. No acknowledgement, no response.
2. E-mail to Tory Premier Klein November 19, 2003. No acknowledgement, no response.
3. E-mail to Tory Premier Klein December 5, 2003. No acknowledgement, no response.
4. E-mail to Liberal Leader Ken Nicol December 5, 2003. Reply 4 days later.
5. E-mail to NDP Leader Raj Pannu December 5, 2003. Acknowledgement 12 days later with promise of a reply.

Now I understand that Mr. Renner is a busy man what with the Auto Insurance fiasco and I also realize that Premier Klein is busy what with practicing for his annual horse race and then the race itself. But you would think with all that staff they have in the Public Affairs Bureau they could at least acknowledge receipt of an e-mail even if they don't want to provide an answer.

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