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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, January 30, 2004

Klein Abandons Privatized Healthcare - I Don't Think So  

Gillian Steward in the Globe and Mail: "For 10 years, Ralph tried to convince us that a U.S.-style health-care system was the way to go. But he has finally thrown in the towel."

Have a click on this article in today's Globe & Mail which gives a good summary of the last ten years of Healthcare wars in Alberta. The Premier and his privitization supporters vs. the Citizens of Alberta. Ralph's challange is daunting. He has to figure out a way to make the citizens pay more for healthcare through user fees and increased Healthcare premiums, give them less services by delisting, provide sufficient profit to his backers in the health industry, and still get the citizens to vote for him. Gillian Steward in her article thinks he has given up.

I'm not so sure. Ralph's slogan is "Ralph Listens - Ralph Cares". I agree 100% with half the slogan. He listens.

It is not at all clear for whom he cares.

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