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January 1, 2007

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Premier Klein. They don't DO cows in India 

Story by Graham Thomson - Edmonton Journal - January 10, 2004: "What about the trade mission? Why was Klein leaving the province in the middle of the mad cow crisis? Klein wasn't coming out of his office. Several reporters and at least one camera crew camped outside the premier's headquarters for hours."

Have a look at this article. Graham Thomson thinks that our Premier should cancel his $64,500 trip to India and Hong Kong and stay home to handle the BSE crisis that is crippling our Province's beef industry.

Mr. Thomson, I humbly disagree.

Mr. Klein should go to India and stay there until some sort of rational solution is found for the BSE crisis. He does not help by staying at home. He does not understand the problem scientifically, statistically or politically. His latest musings call for a 100% testing of all animals slaughtered in Provincial facilities. This would guarantee that none of these animals had BSE or if they did they would not enter the food chain. So far so good. Unfortunately, none of the animals slaughtered in Provincial facilities can be exported outside of the Province. So the message Ralph sends is: "We are going to produce a supply of beef that is guaranteed to be 100% BSE free. Unfortunately it will be available only to Albertans".

As usual, a host of people (Alberta Agriculture Minister Shirley McLennan, Canadian Agriculture Minister Bob Speller, Dwayne Landals, Registrar for the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, Marilyn Jahnke, President of the Saskatchewan Stockgrowers Association to name a few) all disagree and moved quickly to damage control mode. See this and this. But the damage is done and cannot be undone, just like the "Shoot shovel and shut up" damage could not be undone.

So Mr. Premier, take as long as you want in India. Run those tax-payer credit cards up to the max. Visit the Taj Mahal. You might even throw a pancake breakfast next to the reflecting pool. That'll impress them thar Indians. Just don't try to sell them beef Mr. Premier the way Lyle Oberg did in Vietnam (see related posting) . You see Mr. Premier, they don't do cows in India.

Bon voyage.

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