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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, February 27, 2004

In my opinion, Ralph is distorting the facts. 

These comments were provided to Ralph's World by an Albertan after listening to the recent throne speech.

We had a Throne Speech in Alberta on February 17th, 2004. It is available at the Alberta Government web site by clicking here.

Item One Quoted from the throne speech

Alberta needs to continue pursuing meaningful health reform so the system remains affordable and accessible to future Albertans. . . .
Alberta also pledges to work with other provinces and the federal government on a program of national health reform, because every government, regardless of ideology or party, has acknowledged that the system is not sustainable unless meaningful reform is made.

Ralph Klein must have delighted in having Lois Hole deliver his distortions for him. Note the emphasis I have placed on his words in the Throne Speech. Of course the real tragedy is not that Ralph makes the distortions; he has been doing that for years. The tragedy is that no one appears to be asking just how Ralph can prove that the health system is not sustainable. Certainly no one in the media will challenge Ralph on this. Why should the voters?

I bet that the media didn't even look in the Appendix of the Mazankowski Report where they buried the statistics indicating that health care is not out of control.

Does anyone want to know just what Ralph's definition of meaningful reform is? Probably not! We will likely only learn after the next election when Ralph says that has have a mandate to do whatever he then defines to be in the public interest (ie the interest of his corporate cronies).

The every government quote is also pretty sweeping, what? Every government must want Ralph's solution of private for profit also, eh? Sure.

Item Two Quoted from the throne speech

Quality of patient care will be further strengthened through a new mandate for the Health Services Utilization and Outcomes Commission. This year, the Commission, which will be renamed the Health Quality Council of Alberta, will take on an expanded mandate for patient safety. This builds on its current role of monitoring and reporting on the performance of Alberta's health system.

Is this not a brilliant counter the National Health Council proposed by the Romanow Commission. Now Ralph can thumb his nose at the feds, control what the monitoring body will say and he did not even need to create a new body; he just renames an old one.

In the meantime. Ralph, whose biggest problem is hiding money, will continue to advocate that we unplug our mothers, that people should just get healthy and that healthcare money is just going down a "black hole". The man has no difficulty communicating; he has difficulty communicating the truth.

Submitted by Kevan Rhead

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