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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, March 19, 2004

Gary Mar - Poet or Minister of Health 

From Alberta Hansard on Wednesday March 17th, 2004

Dr. Taft: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. The main problem facing Alberta’s health care system is not out-of-control costs; it’s mismanagement of the money we have. Yesterday I asked reasonable questions of the Minister of Health and Wellness about whether his department did due diligence on the electronic health record system.
The answer I got didn’t address the question, so I’ll give the minister another chance today. To the Minister of Health and Wellness:
given that the minister announced $59 million in October for health information systems, then provided the AMA with $65 million in November, and RHAs are spending untold millions more, will the
minister tell us the total expected cost of establishing the electronic health record system?

Mr. Mar: Well, Mr. Speaker, in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day I feel
compelled to answer in the following manner.

There once was a man from Riverview
Whose opinions were respected by few.
He said: "It’s so grand
To have your head in the sand;
Our health system we need not renew".

Well Minister Mar obviously didn't make this up on the spot. He likely held a retreat somewhere to meet with his top minion to develop a response to Taft's anticipated question. Here's how that meeting might have gone.

Minister Gary: Roger. Taft is going to ask where all the cash is going on this electronic health record system thingy. How much have we spent so far?
Deputy Roger: I don't know. I thought you knew.
Minister Gary: Geez Rog. How are we going to answer. We're supposed to be fiscally responsible.
Deputy Roger: What's fiscally mean?
Minister Gary: Something about money I think.
Deputy Roger: Look. Just brush him off with a joke. How about a clever limerick. We can get one of them produced for under $15,000 I bet.
Minister Gary: Isn't that kind of expensive.
Deputy Roger: Not compared to what we're spending on the electronic records system.
Minister Gary: Good point. Have the limerick on my desk in time for Question Period on the 17th.
Deputy Roger: Yes Minister.

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