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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Sunday, March 14, 2004

"Outside the Box" with Premier Klein 

Sometimes you have to read between the lines when things the Premier says don't seem to make sense. The problem is really with us because we can't think outside the box the way Ralph and his crowd can. They are just way ahead of the citizens on most things.

This current disappearance of $400 million dollars of Albertan's tax dollars into the beef industry is a good example. Click here for details. Agriculture Minister Shirley McClellan says packing plants costs have risen because they must now pay for things like getting rid of animal parts (spinal cords for example) and it's only fair that the taxpayer should help them out. Now common sense tells us that $400 million seems like a lot for spinal cord disposal but that's because we don't think outside the box. If we did we would connect the missing $400 million with the fact that our Premier is down in the US offering Alberta as a prime location for our American neighbours to put their proposed anti-ballistic missile defense shield. See news story by clicking here. We know that Ralph is in tight with Vice President Dick Cheney so here's what I think happened.

VP Dick: Rolf! It's great to see you again ole buddy.
Premier Ralph: It's "Ralph" Mr. Vice-President.
VP Dick: Whatever. What's up? You've got three minutes.
Premier Ralph: I hear you need a place not on American soil to put your ABMs and I've got just the place for you.
VP Dick: Shoot
Premier Ralph: We'll hide 'em in three of our meat packing plants in Alberta. One in Calgary, one in Brooks, and one in High River. Nobody would ever think of looking for them there and our boys can use the business. As a matter of fact I've already spent $399 million building silos for them. We know how to build silos in Alberta being an agricultural nation and all.
VP Dick: $399 million? Why not $400 million?
Premier Ralph: We had to spend a million disposing of spinal cords.
VP Dick: OK Rolf, thanks for the offer. I've got somebody called Gordon Campbell waiting to see me - something about hiding the ABMs in old growth forests. I'll have to get back to you.
Premier Ralph: Look forward to hearing from you Mr. Vice-President.

How's that for outside the box?

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