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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, April 02, 2004

Tories Take Communist Turn in New Brunswick 

Public Auto Insurance Proposed in New Brunswick

Oh my!

Alberta's Energy Minister Murray Smith must be apoplectic. Smith, Chief of Dogma for the Alberta PC party, had a pretty simple message that all of his colleagues could understand. "Boys - any political party that does not have the word Conservative somewhere in it's name is communist. That's all you have to know. Keep saying it over and over and the voters will eventually believe it too". The Minister never passes up a chance to reinforce this as he did at a recent energy conference in Banff. Click here for his comments.

Now an all-party legislature committee on public insurance in New Brunswick, a committee struck by the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick, is recommending something that Alberta Tories would call "very communisty". They are recommending a model for public auto insurance in New Brunswick.

Minister Smith will have to amend his definition of communist so it refers to a political party that do not have the words Conservative and Alberta in its name.

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