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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Oberg appoints new President of Klein Kollege 

Fast on the heels of the Klein Kollege roll-out, see previous story, Learning Minister Lyle Oberg today announced the appointment of the Kollege's first president.

"I am thrilled to be able to say that Lord Black of Crossharbour has accepted my invitation to serve as the first President of Klein Kollege. He brings with him a wealth of business acumen which we value so highly here in Alberta but more importantly, he brings his strong sense of personal ethics to the job". Oberg went on to say that the question of ethics was paramount in light of recent allegations of plagiarism surrounding Alberta's Premier. Lord Black's first duty upon assuming office later this week will be to write a letter to all Alberta newspapers praising Premier Klein's dedication to life-long learning and to say that he personally would have given the Premier a 94% grade on his term paper on Chilean history. See related story from CBC Calgary.

For his part, Lord Black said he accepted the position after careful inspection of the Province's airfleet which was immediately made available to both he and his wife Barbara Amiel. Interviewed yesterday outside a courtroom in Delaware Lord Black said. "The thing I am looking forward to most is the dressing up part, you know with the long flowing robes and mortarboard hat thingy". Black, known for his impeccable fashion sense, has already imposed a dress code requiring students of Klein Kollege to wear a special Kollegiate Kostume. These uniforms are readily available by mail-order from Amiel's Fashion Emporium.

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